Jan Biotech was founded based on a diagnostic platform that will provide highly sensitive, high-throughput, real-time quantitation of cell-based mRNA produced by latent HIV-infected CD4+ cells. It will differentiate between cellular proviral and viral RNA to accurately and sensitively quantitate latent reservoirs of HIV-infected cells in HAART patients, vital for evaluating the development and success of newly emerging antiviral therapy approaches. Latent reservoirs consist of resting or memory CD4+ cells carrying the HIV viral genome either as pre-integration plasmids or integrated into relatively inactive regions of the DNA of CD4+ host cells, as well as infected CD4+ cells in HAART-inaccessible regions of the body. Therapeutic strategies targeting latent reservoirs are now being tested in clinical trials, and well-validated high-throughput assays that quantitate reservoirs are urgently needed to assess complete eradication of HIV.

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